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Full Package Monthly Rental: 2 Tower FarmWall™ with LED Lights and Seedlings

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This is the complete package coming with a two tower FarmWall™ and a monthly seedling package, this is the easiest to use system and package out there. By adding the LED lights you grow more efficiently while saving up to $10 a month on your hydro bill. 

Join the local food movement with your own FarmWall! With the two-tower FarmWall you will be producing fresh, sustainable. pesticide free fruit and vegetables every month. This kit is designed for indoor usage in any space. 

With these two towers you could reduce for environmental footprint by 72 000 food kilometers each month. Your contribution towards our goal of reducing 8 billion food miles before the 8 billionth person is born will be noted on our website and you can share with all your friends! 

Growing your produce at home will also help us save the planets freshwater resources by using up to 99% less water traditionally used in agriculture to grow the same exact plants. 

Grow Food Anywhere. 

The wall is made up of two rectangular gutters (made of food-safe PVC) that mount directly to your wall. These gutters hold the ZipGrow towers in place. 

The reservoir serves as the sump for the system and holds the water, nutrient solution and the Eco 396 Submersible Pump from EcoPlus.

The bulk head houses the plumbing and drip emitters. As part of the updated design, viewports have been cut into the upper gutter to allow for easier maintenance access and monitoring of the drippers. 

The towers can be easily taken in and out of the wall for planting, harvest, live sales, and other adjustments.

The wall is designed with rear-mounted brackets to easily clip into and out of the provided wall mounts.

Each ZipGrow tower holds two growing substrates (which are made of food-grade plastics that hold the plants like soil does in traditional agriculture) which can be inserted and removed within the tower for easy planting.

Your FarmWall can be mounted outdoors or indoors on any wall. 

What Comes With The Wall:

  • 2, 5 ft. ZipGrow Towers
  • 2 LED Grow Lights 
  • Monthly refills of seedlings of your choice
  • 2 PVC Gutters (24" length on the 2 tower Wall. 42" length on 4 tower Wall, 80" length on 8 tower Wall)
  • Drip irrigation system
  • Submersible Pump
  • Media pulling hook
  • 1, 8-oz. bottle of Canna Start nutrient solution
  • Appropriate number of wicking strips (2 per tower)
  • Miscellaneous hardware (Wall mounts, screws, zipties, etc)


NOTE: The wooden stand does not come with the FarmWall by default. This can be provided at an extra cost or instructions for building your own can be provided. 

Tools Needed For Assembly:

  • A drill
  • Crescent wrench
  • Fasteners specific to your mounting style (e.g. heavy duty screws, drywall anchors, masonry anchors)
  • Scissors (to trim zip ties)

Safety note! Wear gloves when assembling the FarmWall and planting ZipGrow towers to avoid scrapes or blisters! 

Please note that the installation process is very simple and that an installation guide is provided within your FarmWall package.

Just Vertical offers installation packages depending on the region you live within the GTA and Hamilton. 

Dimensions: 2-tower: 2 ft. x 5.5 ft.

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